PV Sharks Football Updates -Summer Training Camp Covid-19 Letter & Group Placement

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It’s not too late….register NOW for the Zoom Meeting on Recruiting with Mike Dunlevy THIS EVENING at 7 pm!
This program is open to all players and their families…all 9th graders – 12th graders and their families. Mike Dunlevy, our host, has coached college football for 33 years and was a position coach and full time recruiter for Ohio State Football. He has a presentation prepared and will answer any questions. Register HERE

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Please read the letter below from Coach DiSandro regarding Summer Training Camp & Covid-19 Procedures . You will also find a link to this letter below. And for Group Placement Information, click on the link below.
These items can be found on our main page, in the upper left corner under “PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp”

We continue to plan for and anticipate June 15 as being the start date for our summer football program at Ponte Vedra High School. In response to the COVID restrictions Ponte Vedra High football will run two separate sessions of approximately 75 student athletes per session. The first session will run from 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM and the second session will run from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Within each session we will have small groups of 25 student athletes (or LESS). These groups will rotate stations together and we will adhere to six feet of social distancing in the groups. Any time we are under six feet of social distance we will be required to wear masks. Additionally, every athlete is required to bring their own materials for proper safety (masks, Clorox sanitizing wipes, and hydration). Athletes will be responsible for their own hydration. If athletes do not have masks, cleaning wipes and their own water they will be held from practice. Please contact Coach DiSandro or Mike Resetar in advance if you need help with obtaining these supplies.

Each group of 25 will start in a specified location each day. Our single points of entry are: Weight room group reports to the senior parking lot, the auditorium group reports to the greenhouse in the center of the campus and the field group reports to the ticket booth by the stadium field. Upon entry every student athlete will have their temperature taken and answer covid-19 related questions that will be recorded in a binder by a coach each day. We will have access to our full time trainer and she will be on campus for the camp.

We have designated flows for rotation so as to not cross paths when moving from station to station. The weight room group moves to the auditorium through the center of campus. The auditorium group moves to the fields through side road on campus. The fields group moves to the weight room by using the senior lot near the football field. Coaches are included in the count and will move with the groups from station to station.

When we use the weight room we will split the groups in half and 12 will be inside and 12 will be outside. The outside 12 will adhere to six feet social distancing. The inside 12 will use every other rack and platform and adhere to six feet social distancing. When spotting they will be required to wear masks. The weight room will be wiped down and cleaned after each use by the players. Players are responsible for wiping down used areas before rotating stations. Players will wash their hands after handling commonly used equipment. The weight room will be cleaned exactly 12 times each day between two sessions and three groups. The weight room will also be deeply cleaned at the end of the night. When using the field for conditioning we will adhere to six feet of social distance policy. We will not use a common water station or share water bottles. Each student athlete is responsible for hydration. We will not “go against” each other in a touch fashion until we have different direction and clearance from the governor and / or county. When using the auditorium space the students will be 6 feet distanced coming in and when sitting down. Students will leave campus when their group is done and we will have a staging area with six feet of social distance for athletes waiting on a ride outside the weight room at the end of each session. If someone is contaminated we have an area (our physical education office) for isolation and a medical person on staff (our trainer) and we will have a coach stay with the infected (wearing masks at all times). If infected we will notify our principal, maintenance manager and athletic director with a cell phone. If you feel sick we encourage you to stay at home. We will regularly update the Ponte Vedra school administration and officials about our summer camp and the health and safety of our campers. At no point are any spectators, parents, guardians, siblings and other visitors allowed on campus during the practice times. Parents cannot get out of their cars when picking up student athletes. Parents have the ability to opt out of an area if they feel their son is in danger from Covid 19 and / or their son would be under the 6 feet of socially distancing. I will share a separate document with the groups, the rotations and where each group will begin the day and the corresponding drop off location. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions as we work to make this the safest possible environment for our student athletes at Ponte Vedra HS. Jeff DiSandro

Head Football Coach

PV Sharks Football Covid-19 Letter from Coach DiSandro

For information on which Group your son will be placed in, visit Groups for Summer Training Camp