PV Sharks Football Updates - Apparel Store Open, Senior Mom's Meeting, Registration Deadline Approaching

Posted by PVHS Football on Jun 07 2020 at 08:42PM PDT in 2020

Good Evening,

Player Store is OPEN!
Below is the link for the Player Store. This is a chance for you to purchase PV Sharks Football gear for your player. Please note that you are responsible for providing a girdle, cleats, and gloves, if necessary, for the Football Season. The following will be supplied to your player: Uniform(s), helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads & mouth guards. The store will close on June 24th at midnight. All orders are processed once the store closes and will take 3 weeks to be completed. Inventory may be limited due to Covid-19. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON DECORATED ITEMS!
Player Store

Senior Mom’s Meeting Tomorrow
There will be a Senior Mom’s Meeting on June 8th @ 6:45pm. Senior Moms will meet at Players Park (Alta Mar Dr) in Sawgrass Player’s Club. We encourage all Mom’s with senior players to attend! Questions? Contact Carla Resetar

Registration for Football and Summer Training Camp Deadline Approaching
Please remember that in order for your son to participate in PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp, he must be registered for both Football via the PVHS Athletics Page with the EL2 Physical Form Uploaded AND Our PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp.

Links can be found here:

PVHS Athletics Football Registration
This is where you upload the EL2 Physical Form. You have this week to get your physical in…Physicals must be submitted prior to your son starting Camp and you must be cleared by the Athletic Department. Problems with PVHS Football Registration? Questions can be directed to Sophia our Athletic Trainer


PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp
Most have been able to get on and register with our Team Pages site. If you are still having difficulty, please visit our main page using THIS link (Please do not use old email links, as many won’t work) PV Sharks Football You will see a drop down menu on the Top Left side of our menu that says “PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp” This will have Football and Camp registration info as well as Groups and Covid-19 information. You can also get to Camp registration by the LINKS section on the left side, using the “Camp” Link.

Don’t forget players are responsible for bringing Mask(s), Sanitizing Wipes, and Water Bottle(s) for personal Hydration to Camp and will be turned away if they do not have their proper supplies!

To all 9th Graders and Any Player NEW to PVHS Football…in case you missed this
In case you haven’t done so already, please have your son sign up for our team strength APP below.
From Coach DiSandro:
Hello. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this time. Seeing how that summer would have started on June 1st but we won’t physically be able to get together as team until Monday 6/15 I wanted to begin the process of getting the incoming 9th grade class and new players to PVHS signed up for our team strength APP that is accessible online. The join code and password will give you access to our strength and conditioning workouts. You sign up and access the workouts from a website called teambuildr. Additionally, we ask that the athletes record their data each workout session by following the prompts in the App. This serves as accountability from my end as well and as a daily update tracker for the athlete and his developmental progress. As we explore all the ins and outs of teambuildr we will be able to eventually monitor other important factors like hydration, sleep habits and weight loss/gain. Just a couple quick notes below about the workouts getting posted for the incoming 9th grade class/New Players to PVHS:

You will not see that days workout until the morning of (6AM to your email)
I have not had a chance to evaluate athletes and note their individual progress yet so the workout will start everyone at the same spot.
The workout will intentionally be a slow progression with the younger athletes that emphasizes technique, flexibility, basic strength and dumbbell lifts.
One of the main reasons I went to a routine of this nature is to keep our young athletes out of harm’s way by NOT barbell squatting and Olympic lifting too early in their development (adjustment from previously).
At this point we have three different sets of workouts assigned to athletes based on our evaluation of their lifting skill level and this is an continual ongoing process.
Many qualified strength professionals from the NFL, college and high school level helped us develop some of our routines both old and new.
Online Strength and Conditioning Software TeamBuildr
Join Code – BZJ1-EI5B
Password – L7QGKR4G

PVHS Football Bogey Blitz Day & Wing Party ( 10 am-2 pm) to Sell Discount Cards
Upper Classmen (10th, 11th and 12th) – Saturday, July 18th @ 10 am
Freshman (9th) – Saturday, July 25th @ 10 am
This is a fun event in which Players sell our Famous Discount Cards! Please save the date, depending on what grade your son is! At this time, there are no sidewalk events at Publix or Winn Dixie, so we are asking Parents and Supporters to please keep your eyes and ears out for any local upcoming events that the players can throw on their jerseys and sell the discount cards. Email Stacy Cote about these events ASAP Stacy Cote

Upcoming Dates
June 8th @ 645pm – Senior Mom Meeting @ Players Park (Alta Mar Dr)
June 15th First day of PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp – See Groups Info for Time
July 18th @ 10 am -2 pm PVHS Football Bogey Blitz Day & Wing Party for 10th, 11th and 12th graders
July 24, 2020, Time TBD – Breakfast outing with Dad/Guardian – For Senior Players Only!
July 25th @ 10 am – 2 pm Freshman (9th) Bogey Blitz Day & Wing Party to sell Discount Cards
July 27, 2020 – FHSAA Practice begins – first official day of Football Practice
July 30th – Incoming 9th grade parent meeting Q and A on campus
August 1, 2020, Time TBD (Early) – Picture Day
August 2, Senior Retreat – Seniors only
August 6th, Time TBD – Fall football meeting (AD’s informational meeting) on campus. Assistant coaches meet and greet at the end
August 14th – Kickoff Classic – vs Oakleaf (home)