Clarifications/Corrections for Player Store & Player Needs

Posted by PVHS Football on Jun 08 2020 at 06:30PM PDT in 2020

Clarifications for Player Store
Below is the link for the Player Store, which was sent out early this am! This is a chance for you to purchase PV Sharks Football gear for your player. Please note, you do not need to purchase anything from this store. You are free to get the “Player Needs” any place you so choose, and many already have a lot of the items on the list. We do like to provide a way for you to get these items if you so choose, and many of the players enjoy getting some PV Sharks Football gear! The store will close on June 24th at midnight. All orders are processed once the store closes and will take 3 weeks to be completed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON DECORATED ITEMS! We will also be opening up the online store for PV Sharks Apparel soon! Shorts, shirts, hats, etc…lots of great PV Sharks Football gear for everyone to support our Sharks or wear as an official PV Sharks Football Player! Stay tuned for this!
Player Store

Player Needs for the Football Season
Players will need the following items in order to play football this fall, so please make sure your son has these items by the first official practice on July 27 (Cleats will be needed ASAP for Summer Training Camp).

  • Players will need a pair of Football Cleats (these are needed for Summer Training Camp beginning June 15)
  • Players will need to buy their own Girdle (one with thigh and hip pads and butt pad)
  • Players will need to buy their own pair of Knee Pads (This is NEW this year. Please make sure your son has a set of Knee Pads..or two. These seem to get “misplaced” and they have to have these in order to play)
  • Players will need to wear PV school/sport attire in the weight room this fall. We will be opening up the online store for PV Sharks Apparel in the future
  • Players will need to buy their own gloves, if necessary
  • Varsity Players need a pair of black shorts for practice attire this fall on Thursdays

Players will be supplied with the Following for the Football Season

  • Uniform
  • Helmets
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Mouth Guards

In reference to the Helmets and Shoulder Pads offered online, these are if the player/family wants something different.

We have our PV Sharks Football Booster Board Meeting on Wednesday, and I know many of you have reached out with specific questions, some of which include:

Registration (we will continue to accept applications this week)
Personalization on Gear…when will my player know his number?
Different Chemicals in Disinfectant Wipes and how to avoid a toxic Chemical Experiment
Helmets and pads —What brand helmets and pads will our players be receiving (so they can compare, if necessary)
Are players expected to wear masks during exercises?
When will groups (weight room and auditorium groups) be assigned

We will do our best to answer these and other questions we’ve been presented with on Wednesday night and I will send out the Qs & As later this week. Thanks for your patience!