PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp

Posted by PVHS Football on Jun 14 2020 at 04:15PM PDT in 2020

Good Evening,

We are excited for the start of PV Sharks Football Summer Training Camp tomorrow!

To make sure we are following CDC Guidelines with Covid-19, please remember the following:

  • Your son must have a mask(s), a container of sanitizing wipes (which will be collected at check-in and left at school), and water for their own hydration (enough water to last all morning). Also, make sure they bring their cleats as they will need them at some point!
  • Masks must be worn during check-in procedures
  • Parents cannot be on campus or get out of their cars
  • Check in for 10, 11, 12 grade players will be either the Senior Lot or the Green House. This information has been disseminated to players via Schoology
  • Freshman/9th graders have a staggered start time: 8 am for Group 1 and 11:30 am for Group 2. Freshman will report to the Auditorium
  • Check in Procedure: Coaches will take temperatures and ask a series of questions which will be recorded daily

Q & A – Questions that have been asked this week…see Answers below!

Will players switch sessions during the summer – Group 1 go to afternoon and Group 2 go to morning? As the State progresses through the reopening process under the CDC guidelines, it is Coach DiSandro’s hope is that we can all eventually move to one morning group training session.

Will Masks be worn for exercise? Masks will not be worn for exercise. Mask are required at check-in and when players/coaches will be under 6 feet apart, which is usually meeting times. Only one player per station at a time will be allowed in the weight room.

What if someone has an elevated temperature or or a suspected infection? Players will go to Room 580 and parents will be contacted to pick up their son. If a player tests positive for Covid-19, they will need to be quarantined for 14 days.

What Helmet Brand will Players Receive? Parents wanted to know the brand so they could compare with what is offered in the store. Helmets we provide will be Riddell and Schutt

What is the process of using Sanitizing Wipes? Since each player is bringing one container of Sanitizing Wipes, there is a concern of different types and brands and the chemicals mixing, causing a toxic environment. Only one brand/type of wipes will be used daily to ensure safety. Board is responsible for collecting and storing like with like containers and Coach DiSandro will pull out one brand/kind per day for player use. Cleaning from PVHS Staff occurs in evening so there is plenty of time for their cleaning chemicals to dissipate.

Footballs Sharing of balls is a concern so footballs will be sanitized frequently. Players will need to remember there is no hand shaking and we will follow all safety protocols

Communication Clarification with Coach DiSandro Players and Parents should feel free to contact Coach DiSandro with their player specific questions regarding the football program (play time, depth chart, groups, etc.). We do ask that general questions still go to our President Mike Resetar or Communications Noelle Franco


PV Sharks Football Covid-19 Letter from Coach DiSandro

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