PV Sharks Football - Updates & SELL THE DISCOUNT CARDS!!!

Posted by PVHS Football on Aug 27 2020 at 06:09PM PDT in 2020

Good Evening,

SATURDAY PRACTICE has CHANGED, and will now be 8 am until 10:45 am. We hope as PARENTS you’ll ATTEND the Coaches Meet & Greet scheduled for Saturday at the Marriott Sawgrass. Our Volunteer Sign up is OUT! SIGN UP to help the Sharks have a successful season! Don’t forget the Player Store closes TONIGHT at Midnight! Team Activities Fees are DUE soon. Don’t forget to have your players SELL our DISCOUNT CARDS! We are in CRUNCH TIME with the DISCOUNT CARDS! EACH PLAYER SHOULD SELL 20 CARDS!!! The link to the FOOTBALL SCHEDULE is provided below!

Coaches Meet & Greet Saturday August 29th, 1 pm to 2:30 pm @ Marriott Sawgrass
We hope you all received the invitation to attend the Coaches Meet & Greet on Saturday at the Marriott Sawgrass! Some updates on the event, we will be in the ballroom, Champions DE. Parents and coaches can just pull into self-parking, we will have the gates open from noon-3:30 pm so no one has to worry about parking. This is a Parent Only event, and this is your opportunity to meet the PVHS Football Coaches! You will be able to talk with your son’s position coach one on one. This is a Social Distancing Event and Masks are required. Soft Drinks will be provided. Please let us know if you will be attending through the email that was sent..there is an option to RSVP directly from the email.

2020 PV Sharks Football Volunteer Sign Up
It’s here…the 2020 PV Sharks Football Volunteer Sign Up! Please go here to sign up to help our Sharks have a successful season! It takes everyone working together and we all know teamwork makes dreamwork! Sign up to help out! 2020 PV Sharks Football Volunteer Sign Up If you have questions, please contact Rachel Clarke with any questions via email Rachel Clarke or phone 904-910-2744

Player Store Closes TONIGHT!
This is your final chance to purchase items for your player. This is where players can get football gear…cleats, protective gear, accessories and clothing. The store will close at midnight TONIGHT, August 27, so get you order in by 11:59 pm! Once the store closes on August 27, orders cannot be modified or canceled. There may be delays due to the manufacturers and there are no refunds. Of course these are optional purchases. Go here to order Player Store

Team Activities Fee Deadline September 1
The Team Activities Fee of $200.00 per player covers a variety of items including shirts for workouts and volunteer activities, snacks and any team meal not covered under our sponsored meals, uniform updates, equipment, team-building activities throughout the season and other items as necessary to ensure our coaches are able to run a successful football program. Each Player is responsible for the $200 Team Activities Fee. Fees are due September 1. Go here to pay Team Activities Fee

Discount Cards: We are in the 4th Quarter and need you to SELL, SELL, SELL!
First Half: Complete! Turned in $$ to Coach Conroy or Coach Casper
Second Half: We’ve been selling and are looking ok.
4th Quarter Are you in the game? By now your son has a second set of 10 cards and they are out pounding the pavement (with masks on, of course). The players have today, all weekend and next week each and every day to sell! School is fast approaching! This is our player’s fundraiser and now more than ever we need the players to sell these cards. We continue to lose our amazing sponsors due to the pandemic. We need our players step up and represent the team! Remember, we didn’t have the opportunity to sell at Blitz Day, so recreate your own neighborhood Mini Blitz Day! Players can now send the following link and folks can now purchase Discount Cards on-line! Coach Conroy and Coach Casper will receive updated lists every few days to communicate with players. There is a line on the form for folks to add the player’s name. Player will be responsible for delivering the card. Please reach out to family and friends from near and far! Your player has already heard of some of the awesome prizes to those that Sell, Sell, Sell!!! Here is the link to give to friends and family to purchase cards PV Sharks Football Discount Card Online Order Form

Freshman/JV Parents
You may have noticed there are B/A games. We are able to divide the JV team up for these games into the B team, which consists mainly of Freshman and the A team which consists mainly of Sophomores. We can do this against schools who are also able to field two JV teams. This is subject to change due to many factors. Sometimes this may change due to player availability, so sometimes a scheduled B/A games will turn onto 1 JV game. As we are made aware of changes we will send out via Team Pages. Our Coaches will sometimes have players move around from B to A and A to B. Your son’t position coach will keep your son informed.
B-team games start at 5.30pm
A-team games start at 7.00pm
On game day, Players will stay at school and receive a meal and snacks before the game. They will change at school. This can be a very long day, especially if they are doing weight training before school. Players will also dress for game day – Coach DiSandro will provide the players with more information on all of this.

Upcoming Dates
August 24-28 M, T, W, TH, F 5 to 7:45 pm Meetings & Practice
August 27 Player Store Closes
August 29 Saturday 8 am to 10:45 am Meetings & Practice
August 29 Coaches Meet & Greet for Parents Only @ Marriott Sawgrass 1 pm until 2:30 pm
August 31-Sept 2 M,T, W Lifts 7:30 am (for those not in class)
August 31 Monday 4 to 6:30PM meeting and practice
September 1 Team Activities Fee Due
September 1 Tuesday 4 to 7:30PM meeting and practice
September 2 Wednesday 3 to 5PM Optional After School Study Hall with Coach DiSandro (or players may go home)
September 2 Wednesday 5 to 7:45PM meeting and practice
September 3 Thursday 4 to 5:15 practice
September 11th Varsity Game @ Nease 7 pm
September 17 JV vs Nease Home Game 5:30 B/7:00 A
September 18 Varsity Home Game vs. Palatka 7 pm SENIOR NIGHT