Who's the Discount Card Sales Champ???

Posted by PVHS Football on May 26 2021 at 06:46PM PDT

Are you ready for the Discount Card Sales results???

It was a great competition and all the boys should be proud of their efforts. BUT, only ONE team can win.

The totals are in!!!……… A new champion has been crowned!!!

1ST PLACE – O-LINE!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

2nd place – Wide Receivers
3rd place – Defensive line/kickers
4th place – Quarterbacks/running backs/TEs
5th place – Linebackers and punters
6th place – Defensive Backs

1st place gets the wing party!!!! Congratulations boys!!! So proud of all your efforts!!
1st and 2nd place – Gatorade during preseason practice!!! YAY!!!

6th place – Clean up the field during preseason…. Sorry, boys.

See ya all tomorrow at 7pm!!! Go Sharks!!!