Sign Pick Up, Football Fee and Apparel

Posted by PVHS Football on Jul 19 2021 at 09:34AM PDT

Happy Monday!! Here’s what’s new for the start of this week!

If you haven’t collected your HOME OF A SHARK YARD SIGN, Rachel Clarke will be at popsicles Tuesday and Thursday this week handing them out. Please have your player or yourself collect them.

Every year the PV Football Booster Board collects a Football Fee to cover the cost of the program from EACH PLAYER. The Football Fee of $250.00 per player covers a variety of items including equipment, uniform updates, any meal not covered under our sponsored meals, apparel for workouts, team-building activities, needs for volunteer activities, snacks, events, activities and the annual awards celebration and other items as necessary to ensure our coaching staff are able to run a successful football program. Fees are due August 1.

ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE THEIR FEE PAID BY AUGUST 1ST in order to continue as a member of the program. If you have a hardship or need to work out a payment plan, please reach out ASAP to our Football Booster Board President, Mike Resetar at 1(732) 814-8858.


If you missed the Mom’s Night Social and would still like to order any personalized items from The Gifted Boutique, here are the links for the PV items that are available.